Training at Blanton-Peale

Earn a Certificate in Care and Counseling

The Care & Counseling Program-English (CCP-E) aims to enhance personal enrichment and professional development by refining skills in self-awareness, effective listening, communication, and relationships. It is comprised of a two-year Basic Program and four-year Advanced Program. CCP-E strives to equip people with leadership qualities to offer informed and compassionate care and counseling to those they serve.

The program creates an intentional learning environment that attempts to address human need in holistic ways, underscoring the manifold needs of mind, body, and soul. It also helps caregivers attain higher degrees of personal, professional, and spiritual development as leaders serving their larger communities.

Students are required to engage in care or counseling activities in settings outside of Blanton-Peale Institute. Each year, the program graduates leaders who are awarded Certificates of Completion, with some pursuing further advanced degrees. The program’s alums operate in a wide variety of settings, including business sectors, social service agencies, community centers and religious institutions.

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