Blanton-Peale is a hybrid counseling and training center, offering telehealth and in-person sessions. Please be advised, there is currently a waitlist for new clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Therapy, sometimes known as psychotherapy or counseling, is a unique experience that involves meeting with a trained professional who can help address your needs and well-being. At Blanton-Peale we provide a safe, supportive and judgement free space to help you navigate the full range of your emotions. The professional relationship with a therapist will help you explore more fully your life experience.  A therapist can partner with you to develop the tools and skills necessary for growth and change.

Therapy sessions are 45 minutes long. In order to best utilize therapy, it is recommended that clients commit to consistent appointments, usually on a weekly basis.

The intake session is the first step to begin therapy. It involves meeting with a therapist and providing background information related to what brings you in. We use the intake session to determine whether we have the appropriate services for you and if so, to match you with the best therapist based on your needs, preferences and availability.

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In order to schedule an initial intake session, you can  contact us on our intake line by emailing or leaving us a voicemail at 212-725-7850 ext. 119. You can also fill out our contact form here.

We match you with a therapist based on information obtained during your intake session and clinical evaluation of your specific needs and experiences. Our disposition team also works hard to accommodate client requests, preferences and availability of schedules.

To best utilize psychiatric services at Blanton-Peale, we require clients to be engaged in consistent, ongoing therapy. After completing the intake process and getting matched with a therapist, a client must attend four consecutive sessions, before an initial psychiatric evaluation can be done . Regular therapy sessions must be kept with a staff therapist to maintain psychiatric care.

We encourage clients to meet with their assigned therapist for at least three sessions and discuss any difficulties directly before determining that a different therapist is needed. If, after this, clients still feel that it’s not a good match, you can request a transfer by contacting clinic management and will be reassigned to a different therapist.

If you’re in crisis, call 911.