Brilliant History…

In 1937 our founders – Dr. Norman Vincent Peale and Dr. Smiley Blanton – opened a mental health clinic in the basement of Marble Collegiate Church. They were innovative, forward-leaning thinkers and were among the first to address mental health alongside spiritual health. They also recognized the importance of providing training alongside high quality care. Because of support from our donors like you, we are able to continue that legacy of innovation.

In December 2017, with our donors’ help, we expanded to a new second floor that has positioned us to double our impact on New York City’s mental health crisis. In January of 2019, we provided 3,121 session of therapy – that’s 885 more than in the previous January. The additional floor also provides new classroom space for our training programs to thrive.

The goal of expansion is not simply a “bigger” Blanton-Peale, but one that is sustainable, innovative and addresses today’s most pressing societal challenges – one that is increasingly distinctive within the New York City mental health landscape.

Office lobby

Bold Future…

Among the areas of innovation are 1) creating a clear emphasis on trauma-informed and trauma-focused services, 2) integrating mindfulness and meditation as tools for mental and spiritual health, 3) creating more high-profile public programs and convenings on topics related to mental and spiritual health and the ways that these are linked to societal challenges.

As Blanton-Peale pursues a bold and positive future, its board and staff has begun a strategic planning process to chart out these and other new directions.

Today at Blanton-Peale, we’re providing affordable mental health care to people representing the full diversity of New York City and training the next generation of mental health professionals. Your continued support will propel Blanton-Peale – along with the thousands of New Yorkers we serve and those we train – into a bold and positive future.