A Look at the Year Ahead

Dear Friends,

First, a huge thank you for the ways that you, our donors, dug deep in 2020. Not only did we host a successful Virtual Norman Vincent Peale Awards Event, you helped us exceed our end of year fundraising goal by 26%. Of course, it’s not about meeting goals, but about the ways you enabled us to meet the need. Because of your support, in 2020, Blanton-Peale was able to provide 43,491 sessions of affordable and accessible, holistic mental health care – triple the impact of just 10 years ago.

Because of your support and the incredible tenacity of Blanton-Peale staff, therapists, faculty, residents and interns, we were here for New Yorkers who needed us – for those who were struggling with mental health challenges before the pandemic and for those who had never before faced such challenges.

Thank you for your generosity to Blanton-Peale and to

the New Yorkers we serve.

As we face the challenges of 2021 – there are plenty of them – your gifts help us keep our promise to turn no one away, regardless of their ability to pay.

The challenges of 2020 didn’t evaporate at midnight on December 31. It’s hard to metabolize all that is happening. The realities of a divided country have been on display for the world to see. We have vaccines, but the pandemic continues to affect our lives. The ongoing blight of systemic racism will require action and commitment from all of us for things to change.

The tumult of these first days of 2021 are a clear indicator of the importance of Blanton-Peale’s work. All that is going on affects the mental health and wellbeing of each of us. In the midst of it – at a basic level – Blanton-Peale’s mission is to keep hope alive. And because of your financial support, we’ll be doing that in 2021.

If we can be a support to you, please reach out.

The gifts you’ve given will help Blanton-Peale rise to the challenges of 2021.

Thankful for you and wishing you hope and light in 2021,

Dr. Shari K. Brink
President & CEO