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Blanton-Peale Timeline

1935 Blanton and Peale meet, informal working relationship begins
1937 Clinic organized in the basement of Marble Collegiate Church
1935-1950 The Religio-Psychiatric Clinic
1951-1971 The American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry
1951 One week seminar to train clergy
1952 First summer pastoral counseling training conference Series of weekly lectures during the academic year
1953 New York State licenses the Clinic as an out-patient mental health Clinic
1954 The Academy of Religion and Mental Health formed as an Academic wing
1955 Fred Kuether appointed first Director of Training
First full time pastoral counseling residency training
1958-1961 First three year residency with graduation in 1961
1961 Child Guidance Unit added
1962 Marriage and Family Counseling added
1963 First International Conference of Pastoral Counselors sponsored by AFRP in which the American Association of Pastoral Counselors was created (AAPC)
1964 MFT residency endorsed by the Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AMFT) Pastoral Care Training established
1966 Smiley Blanton passes away
1967 Donald Smith appointed Director
1968 Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute established and granted an Absolute Charter by the New York State Board of Regents
PP residency provisionally accredited by the American Association of Pastoral Counselors
1969 PP residency granted full accreditation by the AAPC
1971 Fred Kuether passes away
1972 The American Foundation of Religion and Psychiatry with its Clinic and Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute merged with The Academy of Religion and Mental Health with its Journal of Religion and Health to form the Institutes of Religion and Health (IRH)
1976-1978 Phil Baker - Director IRH
1978-1983 Merrill Clark - Director IRH
1983-1990 Roger Plantikow – Director IRH and Director of Training
1988-1989 Jim Wyrtzen named Director of Training
1990-1998 Anne Impellizzeri – President and CEO, IRH
1993 Norman Vincent Peale passes away
1996 Name changes to the Blanton-Peale Institute
1998-2003 Holly Johnson – President and CEO, BPI
2004-2008 Kathryn Madden – President and CEO, BPI
2007 Blanton-Peale 70th Anniversary!
2008 Ruth Stafford Peale passes away
2009-2010 David Leeming – President, BPI
2010-2014 Rev. Paul Bradley – President and CEO, BPI
2014 David Leeming, President Emeritus & CEO, BPI
2015 Rev. Dr. Shari K. Brink – President & CEO, BPI


Blanton-Peale Expansion Story
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