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Rev. Shari K. Brink

President and CEO

David A. Leeming, Ph.D.

President Emeritus

Timothy M. Roberts Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Jane Roberts, B.A. Chief Operating Officer, Executive Vice President for Administration and Clinic Administrator
Ramesh Persaud, B.S.C. Financial Controller
Ann Springer, L.C.S.W. Clinic Director and Staff Therapist
Astha R. Bakhru Mootoo, M.P.H., L.M.S.W. Client Coordinator
Diana Barone, L.M.S.W. Client Coordinator
Nunzio Gubitosa, M.A., M.Phil. LP, L.M.H.C. Dean & Director of Psychoanalytic Training
Rev. Dr. Angella Son, Ph. D.

Director of Pastoral Care and Counseling (Korean)

Karen Andre Biller
Evril Boucher Receptionist

Sejai Shah-Thum, M.D. Medical Director and Psychiatrist
Staff Therapists
Philip Avello, MHC
Diana Barone, LMSW
Kate Barton, LCSW
Shane Becker, LCSW
Frances Campbell, LP
Kea Carpenter, LCSW
Bernie Colonna, LCSW, CGP
Allison Dietz, LMSW
Sarah Eggleston, LCSW
Joanna Engelman, LMSW
Rev. Frederick Ennette, Sr.,M. Div., LP
Emma Fialkov, MHC
Benn Grodin, LMSW
Patricia Haddon, LMSW
Richard Handibode, LMSW
Sarah Harris, LMSW
Lee Heeter, LMSW
Kimberly Hertz, LMSW
Avigail Hurvitz-Prinz, LMSW
Miyoung Kang, LP
Simone Kornfeld, LCSW
Rev. Harold Lalande III, DMin LP NCPSyA
Rebecca Levin, LMSW
Sally Loper, LCSW
Tishania “Shana” Louallen, LMSW
Gabriela Lupatkin, SWI
Sachie Makishi, LCSW
Annsley March, SWI
Yael Menahem, LCSW
Astha Mootoo, MPH, LMSW
Ilena Osma, LMSW
Arezou Paksima, LMSW
Ana Rivera, LCSW
Sofia Rivkin-Haas, LMSW
Susan Rogers, LCSW
Betsy Spiegel, LCSW
Tracy Stein, MHC
Sasha Storaasli, LMSW
Laurie Storm, LCSW
Daniel Tarplin, MSW
Supavadee Thaveesaenegsiri, LCSW
Seta Toroyan, LMSW
Hili Tsarfati, MSW
Whitney Turkanis, LMSW
Aliyah Vinikoor, LMSW
Shelly White, LMSW
Jacob Winkler, LMSW


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