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Psychoanalytic Training

Residency Training Programs


Our psychoanalytic program is approved as a licensure-qualifying program by the N.Y. State Education Department (NYSED) and graduates are eligible for membership in the National Association for the Advancement of Psychoanalysis (NAAP).

The Residency program takes four years to complete. The weekly time commitment is minimally equivalent to two and a half days at the Institute, with additional clinical work and reading time. Part-time and non-matriculation schedules can be arranged. In addition to undergoing personal psychoanalytic therapy at least two days a week during training, residents in our psychoanalytic program spend a minimum of 1,500 hours working with clients in individual psychotherapy, receive over 250 hours of multidisciplinary supervision, and accumulate over 100 credits of course work that provides academic support for the clinical work.

Our courses provide up-to-date knowledge of the various schools of contemporary depth psychology. In all courses, where appropriate, an ongoing dialogue takes place between psychological theory and the spiritual dimension. Curriculum offerings contain such courses as "The Symbolic Nature of the Psyche, "Faith, Values and the Psychology of Religious Experience," and "The Use of Dreams in Psychoanalysis."

Enrichment Programs

Intensives, Workshops, and Seminars

The Blanton-Peale Institute, as a lifelong learning center, offers special intensive courses and seminars as well as one-day workshops on topics of interest to mental health professionals, clergy and religious leaders, students, seminarians, and lay people.  Among the offerings in the current year are:

  Introduction to Psychoanalysis
  Boundary Awareness Training
  The Myth as a Cultural Dream
  Psychotherapy in a Fundamentalist Context
  Basics of Premarital Counseling
  Spirituality in Social Work Practice

Courses are generally offered on a series of weekday evenings or all day Saturday.

Application Materials

Psychoanalytic Training Application

Psychoanalytic Training Course Catalog

For questions or to apply, please contact:


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