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Blanton-Peale Partnerships

The Blanton-Peale Psychoanalytic Training Residency maintains active relationships with other institutions and trainings:

Fordham University Graduate School of Social Services

This program is designed for Fordham Social Work students who are interested in pursuing Psychoanalytic Training and supervision as an avenue to LCSW licensure. By special arrangement between the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute and the Fordham University Graduate School of Social Service, qualified students may begin their psychoanalytic training before completion of their MSW. Those interested must apply for and be accepted into the Blanton-Peale program, with all qualifications met except for the completion of the master’s degree. These students may take up to two approved courses* at Blanton-Peale during their final year at Fordham that will count as electives towards Fordham’s master’s in social work degree. These courses give the candidate an early start on psychoanalytic training at Blanton-Peale. Once the master’s degree has been completed, students enter the LCSW licensing track at Blanton-Peale and continue as full Residents in the Psychoanalytic Program. Students must meet all Blanton-Peale requirements, including tuition, while in this joint training track. Coursework can be completed in four years, with additional clinical hours to follow.

Please Visit the Fordham website

A limited number of field placements/internships are available in the Blanton-Peale Clinic to social work students from Fordham and other schools of social work.

*Courses must be approved both by Fordham GSSS as acceptable as electives in their program and by Blanton-Peale as appropriate for the level of training of the student.

New York Theological Seminary

Students accepted into the Blanton-Peale Psychoanalytic Training Program are eligible to apply for admission to the Doctor of Ministry Program at New York Theological Seminary. Residents would take courses at New York Theological Seminary during the final year of the Psychoanalytic Program or just following completion. The Integrative Paper in the Blanton-Peale program would become the basis for the Doctoral Dissertation in the New York Theological Seminary program.

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